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Michael grew up outside of Washington D.C. He had a love of ghost stories and the supernatural from an early age, devouring every book of myth, legend and folklore he could get his hands on. This early affinity has carried through to his work, where there is often a touch of the fantastic, even if not overt ghouls and goblins. 

While he always enjoyed creative writing, it was not until his final year of university that he was urged by a professor to consider it as a possible career path. Michael moved to California six years ago and the rest, well, is history. he has since written numerous feature and short length scripts, his most recent placing in the top ten percent of multiple contests.

As a director Michael found great success in his first short, Death, Sammie Baker & a Loaded .38, completed on a budget of $1,500 and screened throughout the southwest at numerous  festivals. Due to budget constraints, Michael found himself helming the visual & audio editing, production, coloring and sound mixing, a process he very much enjoyed.

He hopes to expand upon those successes with his follow up, The Devil will Drive you Mad.

As an actor, besides an assortment of short and student film roles, he played a lead in the 2015 feature film Godless, by Joshua Lim. The film enjoyed a long festival run, received distribution and is currently available on Amazon. He has trained at Upright Citizens Brigade and Berg studios in Atwater, CA.

Michael is also an avid photographer, his work can be seen HERE.


THE DEVIL WILL DRIVE YOU MAD - Feature - (In Progress)

A Mother trapped in an abusive relationship accidentally kills her husband in self-defense and buries him in the forest just beyond their land. To protect the children's innocence, she lies about what happened, who their father really was, and where he went. Over time the lie grows, changing from story, to myth, to history that even she believes until one day... Father comes home.

Period - Horror

HOUSE OF FLIES - One Hour Pilot - (In Progress)

In 1864, a poor, ambitious young American studying the beginnings of psychoanalysis in London is asked to return to his estranged family's island plantation by a shadowy group of British aristocrats supporting the Confederacy. Should he agree, he is tasked with facilitating a shipment of arms that could turn the tide of the war, in exchange for being written back into the trust of a family that had forsaken him years ago. 



In the midst of a worldwide pandemic and brutal war for survival, a young woman defies all odds on her righteous path for revenge.


Page Quarterfinalist

ScreenCraft Action/Adventure Quarterfinalist

WriteRoom Semi-Finalist


An inexperienced Sheriff's deputy gets entangled in an underground battle when  his love is taken by a cult bent on bringing about the apocalypse.


Blcklst score: 8

CANYON RUN - Feature

After missing the birth of his daughter while in jail, a low level errand boy to a horse loving criminal tries to make good, but when he needs to come up with  cash to pay for child support, he finds going back to his old life may be the only way, until he decides to bet on himself and take the house.



Michael has written a variety of shorts,  as well as other features.  Samples can be provided upon request.


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